I just called a friend

I just called a friend and asked him to hang out.
I am almost never the one to take intiiative. Usually, he calls me, so I’ve come to be the kind of person who thinks “if he wants to hang out, he’ll call”, but I’m trying to be better at showing people I actually want to see them, so I figured “hey, why not give him a call?”
He can’t hang out today, but we agreed to maybe see each other tomorrow.

I’m kind of proud of myself here. It’s a babystep, but I hope it showed him that I’m trying.

Do you have trouble initiating social events?


i’m always the one to initiate but my friends will always make an effort to hang out with me after I initiate. My best friend Charlie sometimes initiates but I’m usually the one saying LETS DO STUFF!!!

My friend Dan never initiates, but he always says come on over right away when I initiate.

And my friend mike usually takes a couple days to make plans with. He never initiates but he will most certainly wanna hang out in the next couple days if I do initiate!

Those are my only “true” friends irl. Other than family.

Initiating ang going. I even have trouble making g therapy though a lot of that is from negative symptoms (memory).

I gave up on making any effort to make friends a couple of years ago because growing up my mothers paranoia ruined everything and then when I got older my paranoia ruined everything. Since I started university again I made some friends but I don’t really hang out with them which was probably my fault. I met them all at a school club but I added them on LinkedIn and called it a day. One of them has been reaching out to me so I might make an effort to see her next year but part of me doesn’t even want to try because pretty much all of the times I’ve made friends it hasn’t worked out long term or meant anything

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I just call to say i love u …!!!


Aww that’s sweet

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That’s a big deal. I’m glad you were able to do that.

I have been avoiding my friends from college for the last couple years because I don’t want them to see me sick (I started hallucinating only a few years ago). I will probably try to hang out with them at some time I just haven’t explained to them how bad off I am and what the disorder is like. Last time we all really hung out I was healthy and we had a blast.

Don’t you have that horrible “something’s on my shoulder” feeling, even when you are out with friends? Like it’s still their just waiting to act up on you as soon as they are gone?

Maybe I should call my old best friend when I’m feeling healthy. Oh man I miss hanging out.

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