I just bought psn card and it on the receipt it says to wait 24 hours for activation

this never happened to me when i buy it from gamestop.they activat it on the spot.i dont have to wait 24 for to use it.i think i just got scammed

From where did you buy it?

post office 1111

Is it the same card? Shouldn’t be a scam from there.

Did you try to activate it?

no i mean psn card dont usually have 24 hours activation.when i buy them i use them staight away cause they activated,already activated

no when i enter on playstation its says card already been used or its invalid

Then return it for a refund. Maybe it was hacked.

but the guy who sold to me said wait 24,im confused

Well wait 24h and if it doesn’t work after then return it.

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