I just admitted to myself that I really don't like people all that much

I know that’s a generalization but it’s an idea from watching how people can neglect the safety of others and themselves. It began when a dog was loose and knocked me down and I cracked my head on the sidewalk. I was a baby. I learned to fear dogs and hate people.


I’m so sorry @PinCushion seems like you have had a very harsh upbringing for you to talk about it so much…I do wish you happiness and love.


I was bitten by a dog when I was a kid. Had to get a tetanus shot.

My experience is that there are people that you like and that you don’t like, but we’re all human.


I am wearing a t-shirt that says, I want to go where the people aren’t


A lot of people feel that way. It’s very common. Somedays I hate the whole human race too.


I feel the same way. 1515151515

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I like ppl but sometimes I feel under appreciated and it makes me a bit sad sometimes.

Maybe I’m too demanding. In my desires.

Not sure

Anyhow the good thing is being under appreciated doesn’t make me dislike some 1.

I simply dont get on with the public. I will have the odd interaction with the barber, or corner shop at the end of the road but thats it. I do talk to my family alot tho.

Frankly there is too many gob shites round here, that want to pass comment about me or take the piss. And no - its not in my head. Ive had some right grief these past couple of years.

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