I jus had a big meal after not eating for 12 hours

im dieting and i had a 500 calories breakfast of oatmeal and peanut butter with almond milk and i took a nap shortly after breakfast and woke up and was doing stuff i used to do 12 hour fasts everyday but than i started eating lunch because eating a big dinner was giving me too much energy but today i decided to do it again and i ate:
13 oz of top sirloin and 200 g of broccoli and a banana i really didnt have to eat such a big meal but i like to stay within 100 calories of my goal so that meal was 812 calories i weighed everything and for the day i am at 1425 calories
-the steak was perfect i put some cajun seasoning on it when i cooked it i have a feeling im gonna go to sleep late because of so much protein thats the one thing i dont like about when i skip lunch is that these big meals keep me awake
i should have took a picture of this steak i am proud of how good of a chef i am i might try to get a job being a chef one day


that big meal was so good, it grew wings

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