I interrupted two females having a convo

The one on the right was attracted to me and had energy, the one on the left I politely introduced myself held out my hand she didn’t accept. She was afraid of me, because I was a big man and that she was having a convo with her accomplice. I extended my hand to the female on the left, she shook my hand. And lets start a dialog. What did I do wrong besides interrupt their convo? I tried explaining to them I was just introducing myself and they said it was harassment. Duh the female on the left was ugly and probably mad that no real man gave her any attention. So she told her friend to get the manager. The manager was a female and she brought another female with her to discuss. I told her my situation, and told them they could go. While I finished my coffee. I walked out realizing those two females were dumb and not worth my time. Literally. They didn’t even know what it was I had to say to them. So I guess I do not know my own they say logical brain. Well of course I’ve used that part plenty of times. Just in social situations immediate stimulus of impulses is how humans communicate. While some of us use the bigger picture. Thats not what I am trying to achieve. Most my life I’ve been operating beyond instinct looking at the bigger picture my whole life, while forgetting what life is all about at a base level. They were simply afraid of me, the managers too. They can’t call 911, what would of their case been please tell me. Their convo carried off into my listening radius therefore I approached them in a friendly manner while that ugly dumb chick said I was harrassing. I apologize for the extra names. But I’m just too man for any woman I run into or guy for that matter they are scared as ■■■■ of me. Truthfully I train myself to be that way. Through fitness, why? Because it enhances what I consider my primal killer instinct. And I hate these articles saying, you have to consider the higher human thought, I get it and all, but deep down inside I think the people who say that are just pussies, without the fitness level I’ve taken years to achieve. Imagine a bi polar hypersensitive testosterone driven yell out loud amplitude, get out my way type guy and that is me. I’m an animal I realize that part of me, and it simply gives me power to do as I feel and dumb down the public of little minds. I told them logically. Although the manager was being ok, I said calling the cops would do you no good nowadays. Because I can record it all on my cel phone any future incident, and portray to them how police use brutality to apprehend. I wish they would shoot me… coz then I’d have a viral youtube video that would make a lot of law enforcement abusive opponents extremely mad. Ferguson for example. Cops are scared to do anything. People nowadays at least where I’m at rely less on police. And I am glad it is that way coz I wouldn’t want anything to turn into a tragic situation. You can’t call enforcement into action when in reality I was only commiting the acts they say I was, I was calm and eating a sandwhich, I don’t think cops can arrest anyone for that. It just feels good using my primal instinct while others have no clue what immediate cognition is, without using rational process. That is our inner brain. And if I have good control of it. I conquer the fear that normal people wouldn’t dare do. And this has nothing to do with medications. I had someone check my meds. He questioned me if I was taking them and I showed it to him that I was. No problem. Too many people afraid of each other. You got to be you. Is all I can say. On an advanced discovery, evolution of instincts does not evolve the same way for all humans. And right now guess what we’re currently in that evolution, always been always have. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then well, you were never meant to understand it.

The universe was cruel to me, dealt me a bad card… so how do you think I am suppose to treat it or react to it? Nicely?

Everyone deals with it in their own way.
How do you deal with it?

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shake your head and just forget it…

just for future reference, it’s probably not a good idea to interrupt two females talking. Most women when they are together as two or however many are there usually to “hang” with the girls. Maybe if you want to talk and meet a woman in person maybe just say “hello” to a woman you find attractive in the grocerie store or somewhere ? I don’t know it just sounded like I would not approach two or more women for a date.


Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t waste time on dumb and dumber, they probably were already dating each other and members of the man haters club.

Save your manly energies on women who enjoy men.
Don’t fret to much over the trolls, they saved you some time, but, they didn’t need to be so mean.

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I’m not sure what they looked like has anything to do with it. What is ugly to you may be beautiful to someone else so assuming that she is… due to her looks…

Generally speaking interrupting two people when they are talking is kind of rude. If you recognize that you interrupted them then it doesn’t sound like there was an appropriate opening for you to become a part of the conversation.

Sorry I know I’m not usually this blunt but personally it sounds like your ego may have gotten hurt that the ‘attractive’ one wasn’t as interested as you thought.


A strange man walks up to me while I am in the middle of a conversation with ANYONE and attempts to shake my hand and I would be very irritated. If you wanted to be smooth and get positive reactions you could have done any number of things “Hello beautiful ladies, may I show you a card trick?” Or " I hate to interrupt, but, you two just looked so lovely that I had to compliment you. "

Don’t exclude either one, and DO NOT TOUCH!

A good book for you… “The Game” by Niel Strauss.

And make sure you look presentable, you don’t have to be gorgeous, just clean and friendly.

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for the record jukebox thanks for your reply and consideration, however it was not for a date, I was just spreading information.

oh yes your a similar chick… I know you know why I know? because she shook my hand, and the reason for that? Well you guess .

Let me explain something to you.

Women tend to find strange men threatening. It’s simple as that. ESPECIALLY if approached by one at random.

I honestly find it sad nowadays that our culture has become so paranoid as to making it creepy for guys to try to strike up conversations with random girls, but with all the horror stories about rape/kidnappings/etc. constantly on the media, you just can’t trust anyone.

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Horror stories get over it.

You don’t just get over cultural attitudes. They effect everyone.

You seem to be very angry often on here…I’m not sure why. No one is trying to attack you.

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HI anna, no I had an ex gf she had a fear of guns, I own a 12 gauge it is sick of her to even think I’d shoot her or her kids, now do u admit that some fear is just imaginary or do u think there is a great chance it could really really happen to you jeez chill pls.

I am chill…donno what made you think I wasn’t, and yeah like I said the media causes outrageous amounts of panic over everything. It’s terrible.

This seems more appropriate to be said to you than most people here.


Am I just the odd girl here that I don’t find men that approach me to talk threatening?
The scariest man I’ve ever known was the one living in my house.