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Some That You Have.

Some That You Would Like to Have.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Memories When You Were a Kid (???).

If You Had a Rough Childhood, And Have a Family of Your Own. What Are Some of Your Favorite Memories With The Child or Children You Have Now (???).

If You Had a Rough Childhood And Haven’t Been Lucky Enough to Start Your Own Family Now.

What Kind of Life Would You Like to Provide For Your Future Children (???).

(As an Example).

1.) If I Had a Son. I Would Wake Him Up One Day. After He Reached a Bit into Slightly Older Than The Little, Little Ones. And We Would Go to a Sporting Good’s Store. I’d Get Two Baseball Gloves, And One Baseball. We’d Get Back to The House And I Would Show Him How to Grip The Baseball. And Show Him How to Catch The Ball With Quick Reflexes. Show Him How to Throw The Ball Without Hurting His Shoulder or Elbow. And Every Weekend We Would Play Catch. (Hopefully With Momma Outside Bringing Us The Frosty Beverages). And One Day, Get Him to Sign Up And Play Little League. That’s if He Really Wanted to. If He Ends Up Finding No Interest in Baseball. Well… Then!, One More Trip to The Store!. And We Will Get a Football. And of Course, Play Catch!.

So. Forum Participants. That’s Jus Me…,

How About You (!?!)… . … :money_mouth_face: :100: :money_mouth_face:


To Get You in The Mood to Share Your Thoughtful Intelligence, Humour, And Wonderful Personal Insight Upon The Mountain of Memories With Your Dreams, or Spoken of Dreaming For Futuristic Hopeful Family. With You & Wife or Husband & Kid’s And or Kid.

Here is an Album Suggestion!.

Tripping Daisy~ ‘I Am an Elastic Firecracker’. (Album). (Could Be Explicit, Been Awhile).

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I believe quality time is more important than plenty of bad quality abusive time.

In a short time help can be given, plans can be made, kindness and laughter shared

Also in a long time abuse can be given …

If you are getting constant putdown and abuse then that sucks.

I hated being a child but I did have some good moments.

I feel and believe I was treated badly.

I wish I gave birth to my son but I didn’t because I was hearing voices , gunshots , screams 24/7 etc and my family pretty much forced me to abort because I couldn’t take care of myself.

Unfortunately I couldn’t turn to the father for help.
His friends wanted to kill me and he never defended me.

I had a great childhood. Had friends and we’d go walking in the forest, exploring undeveloped lands, playing games. Or we’d sneak out at night and hang out at each other’s places. I was good at everything I tried back then (except art and sports). No complaints about my childhhood…well, I did have some trauma and 1 suicide attempt. But other than that, no complaints…:100:

@SacredNeigh7 & @anongoodnurse

Thanx For The Addition to The Thread!.

Some Strange Thoughts For Everyone to Ponder Upon While We Wait For Newcomers.

A Ghastly Premonition of The Eerie~ ‘Life & Death is Like a Shuffled Deck of Cards. All You Have to Do, to Step Beyond Death’s Trapdoors, is Fold Your Hand. And Step Away From The Table. Go Home, Hug Your Wife or Husband. Read a Bedtime Story to Your Child or Children. And Eat a Late Night Snack With Your Significant Other’.

More Childhood Dreams,

And Cheerful Plans to Arrive at The Door Hopefully Soon Kid’s & Strangers (!!!)… . … :100:

So Patiently Wait Within The Slumber of Peace. Resting Silently to See What May Be

Within The Ghosts of All We Can And or Cannot See

To Hold Tight And Grasp The Love Scenes To Believe or Not to Believe

Like Freak Alien Beings Human Drift in Space The Green Grass And Modest Wise Trees

‘Weak People Revenge, Strong People Forgive, Intelligent People Ignore’~ Secret Vampire

‘I See Stupid, Uneducated, Willfully Ignorant People’~ Secret Vampire

‘Are Most Ignorant People Always The Most Confident in Their Opinions’~ Secret Vampire


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You cant win my love with memes @ATARI !!!

Thus Thread ahem, isn’t About Love For Me @DNA… . … :money_mouth_face: :100: :money_mouth_face:

Be Thankful Kid’s (!!!).

I remember going to the park and being an active kid in my childhood.

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