<<<~i!^!i~Da Nite Captured (By) Da Daye~i!^!i~>>>


How’s The Nite Treating You Dear Reader?.

How About The Day?.

Good?. Bad?. Indifferent?. Strange?. Unusual?. Grotesque?. Amazing?. Superb?.

Choose One Of Those Words, Or Come Up With Your Own?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :chipmunk: :dog:

Ps. Dance The Troubles Away!.

I would say bad. I ate a whole loada bad food again. And my brother could hear me munching away in the room next door. He seems to be in a low mood. I have a feeling he’s a bit upset with me as I was doing so well food wise. For 9 days.

Difficult. A stalker trying to get me thrown out of my apartment. I returned bottles and grocery shopped.

Heinous. Therapy was shite and I just want to curl up and cry

Bad. Have a headache that won’t go away. What is away? Perhaps the headache is always there but I don’t feel it!

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On the other hand he could just as easily have given up caring since this is the millionth time that I gave in to binge eating. Or he never cared in the first place that much :laughing: Thought I should add that.

Anyways hope you’re well.!!!

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