I hope weekly therapy can change my life

I think weekly therapy is a great thing. It can really change your life. If the therapist is good. Because my therapist is giving me insight. She doesn’t even have to know the answers, but by providing an alternate opinion, it helps me find my own answers.

After all, it’s hard for people to tell me what to do. Answers must be found myself. But she does lead me to the insight in a more indirect way…than a book.


Is it cbt …or edmr…

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It’s EMDR…my past therapist didn’t have much insight into PTSD and would just call me names whenever my PTSD got triggered off rather than offering constructive criticism…so I sought out a PTSD therapist because I knew I had trauma. Now my new therapy…she implements other therapies but its a lot of EMDR. She helps me identify my PTSD symptoms. It was obvious to me I had the traumas, but not the symptoms, now my therapist is helping me recognize both.


Are u sz or ptsd …people with pstd are more fuctional than sz…

I’m SZ and PTSD. But my PTSD has been unaddressed my entire adolescence and adult life so its gotten kinda bad…

SZ are less functional typically…but PTSD is still a very real illness…so real that they can do brain scans to determine PTSD is an injured brain.

Its not easy to have PTSD alone, let alone PTSD with SZ.

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My therapist always says to me “Your sz comes first,before the PTSD…but its important to acknowledge you have both and work on both. Make sure you work on your PTSD!!! I’m not gonna cure you. You gotta work yourself!!”

She says this every session.

So yeah that about sums it up!

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I’m so glad you found a quality PTSD therapist. That makes such a huge difference!

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The thing about PTSD is all the medicines that work for it…anti-depressants, MDMA and weed are still pretty alternative treatment. So talk therapy is a must for someone like me!!! Need to work on the traumas so they go to another part of the brain and don’t get triggered off so easily she always says to me.


And thanks

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Thank you :grin:


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I’ve done 2000 hours of EMDR using an online app. It took four years of doing EMDR for a few hours daily. Went from 45mg clopixol per day for years ago to 5mg clopixol per day now, plus a marked reduction in psychotic symptoms.

For EMDR to work it helps if you have residual symptoms, as you need to be feeling the distress during the therapy so that you have something to work with.


Therapy works so long as you put the work into it. Sometimes people just go to vent or complain and won’t follow any of the suggestions the therapist makes or homework they give and then get frustrated when they make no progress and quit claiming therapy “didn’t work” for them and that drives me nuts. It seems like you’re really putting in effort to work through your symptoms though so that’s good!

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Anyone tried hypnosis for sz?

Nope, sometimes I do those calming and self esteem building/positive thought building self hypnosis ones online, they are very relaxing. I’m not sure how that would translate into being psychosis oriented. Maybe mantras of “I am safe” and encouraging not to be triggered by certain things/sucked in by the symptoms.

Hypnosis is basically the same thing as meditation from my experience :eyes: I’ve never done it professionally though so who knows

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I tried
…but no sucess…!@!

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