I hope this makes you laugh

This picture made me laugh when I saw it so I thought I’d share it and hope to get a laugh out of you.
A little old lady doing a keg stand. Oh my goodness. LOL


LOl, and the lady in front of her looks like she’s worried the old lady is about to keel over…steady now… :smiley:

I wonder how long it would take me to put down an entire keg by myself.?

About 1 second…

Kegs are pretty heavy…If you pick one up you can put it down real fast,
Just don’t drop it, it will foam…LOL

Elder abuse! No I’m kidding. It actually looks kind of sad and pathetic to me, it is ridiculous that this unnatural act is happening


That’s why I think its funny. Its kind of like a train wreck. Its horrible that you feel like you have to look away but you cant.

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