I hope I misheard the shopkeeper

The village shop owner. I went in to my candy and junk food.

Out of politeness I asked how he was. He went off on a tirade of cussing. I got scared.

My impression was he was saying it’s not fair because hysicahe works all the time and I just ‘sit on my ass’

At least my brain is telling me that’s what he was saying my brain can lie at times. Plus I am physically ill st the moment - borderline delirious.

It’s the season for people to be grumpy. I’m sure he didn’t say anything bad about you though.

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Yeah I think you are right. Just my paranoia being exacerbated by the flu

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It is really hard to work these things out
The brain is very clever
From reading your message I cannot work out whether he did or not but just let it go


Yeah probably just paranoia. Makes people hard to read sometimes.

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Have you been to a doctor yet about your flu? It’s been around for a while.

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Yeah I think you are right ninja. The nhs website says see a doctor if it lasts more than a week. Has been a week.

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I’ve had a similar experience - buying a coke while the cashier complains about having - t-o-work as she turns to look at me.

I like your title - you could use it if you ever want to write a book.

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I used to get this along with hateful unwelcoming vibes and attacks by everyone specially at shops to the point that I could not do my groceries or leave the apartment barely.
The voices and what they said played part too.

So if they do this and then you can’t go shopping and need someone to do shopping for you… oh get paid to do shopping for you…
So they complain yet they cause it and make it worse…

Apparently Sweden has a cold climate to unemployed or pensioners at the moment except for my Aunty cause people seem to adore her no matter what but she can be rather charming similar to her mum.

In Sweden is where they hated on me the most for not working and for grocery shopping even.

I was bad in Sweden because I was a binge drinker because being drunk and sleeping was the only thing that helped me not hear the voices I had back then .

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