I hope I can make quota at work, eventually

I have a month from the first day of work to meet quota, which is 2,400 books scanned a day (5 books per minute, which includes filling boxes with books away from the computer/scanner). This is just under three weeks away.

If I don’t meet eventually meet 2,400 I’ll request a move to the Pulling job, which entails pulling purchased books from the shelves. This is way hotter (no fans, little space for air to circulate) than the Receiving job I’m currently doing. But it gets paid hourly so I don’t have to feel so pressured to perform.

I’m pretty much going as fast as I can, and only getting 1,700-1,900 books scanned each day. Sometimes I get lost in a daydream or slow down because of my back pain. I’ve tried techniques to speed things up. I have no idea how some of these guys get 4,000 books scanned every day. It beats me.


Scanning 5 books per minute for 8 hours is a lot. That’s 1 book every 12 seconds! They need a robot for that kinda repetitive activity. It’s also probably not very ergonomic. :frowning:


I know, I got home utterly exhausted after day 1, but today I’m fine. my body is now used to it.


Got my fingers crossed for you. Hope you can find your groove.


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I am amazing, how western people works. It is not possible in my country, no body work so repeatedly and left this job. Here hard work means that you work extra time of your routine but not like this.

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Hey man how are u…is ur job full time…