I hope everyone has a great week

Plans for the week ahead? Hopes, dreams, schemes?

As for me I am just hoping I get over this new sickness soon. I have a coronavirus test today and I’m hoping it is negative.

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Oh geez. I hope it’s negative too. Best of luck.


Fx for your test.

I have a great day coming up on Thursday that I’m really looking forward to. I have 3 appointments from 11am-6pm so a lot of down time and I’m going to be in town all by myself so I’m going to take advantage and read my book all day. I’m really looking forward to some me time.


That sounds very refreshing! What book will you read? Always so nice to have me time.


I’m reading Six of Crows right now and Crooked Kingdom next. Not sure which I’ll be on by then. They’re after the Grishaverse Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. They’re sooooo good! They’re fantasy and if you’re looking for books to read I highly recommend them. Start with Shadow and Bone. It’s so good I read the whole thing in one day because I couldn’t put it down!


Hello, today has been difficult. I lost a great friend and a great community.

I am now without a community that is/was supportive.

However i am ok, thank you for asking !

Sorry to hear you are having a hard day and about the loss of your friend. I lost a friend earlier this year myself, he passed away. I still think about him, he was a great guy. This is a supportive community here, I hope you will enjoy chatting here! Hope your day gets better.

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I am sorry for losing a friend and i thank you for the encouragement.

I am currently searching different communities for mental health.

If you know any, let me know and I hope your covid test is negative, and if it isn’t i am sure you can recover quickly

Great week ahead, full of excitement and adventure. I am already awake for 22 hours and it seems i won’t have a good sleep in awhile. I can feel the pawns moving. Finally some change. I nearly bored myself dead. That would read like a novel. I should have become a writer. Maybe the Christmas spirit got me already.

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