I hope everybody has a good day thread

I hope everybody has a good day. My thoughts are with you. Take one day at a time. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



In fact I am taking it one moment at a time

My day is half over n it went splendid

Hmm. . .

Is It Possible To Take An Entire Day All For Yourself, I Ask Because I Want To Own A Day Too |||+||| :smiling_imp:

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Iโ€™m working, so thatโ€™s debatable. Customers be crazy this week.

mercury has been retrograde lol

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You have a good day too @Jake !

The customers have also been retrograde.

โ€œI saw someone buy insurance in five minutes online using an app in an ad!โ€

This is someone with a custom vehicle who has modified it in such a way itโ€™s possibly no longer street legal and who doesnโ€™t see a problem with it. You donโ€™t write those without underwriter approval.

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Thanks @Jake. Have a nice day too.


Thanks bud! Hope your day is going well too.

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Thanks @Jake! I hope yours is good too

Have a good day @Jake
My day was good, went to the Dr, watched soccer, talked to a friend and played video games.

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Thanks @Jake, hope yours has been a good one too :sunny:

Thanks Jake. Hope your day was good too

Thanks! Hope you day is going well (or went well).

My day was fine. Boring, but fine.

Was a busy day. Brought my daughter to pick up her diploma at school. Went to the bank to get my daughter an account. Then picked up my grocery order.


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