I honestly feel I hate working but I cannot live without it

There’s something addictive about it.

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I wish often I could quit, but would probably go over the edge not working


@Mountainman it’s a trap. You work it comes with all kinds of stress. You dont. it doesn’t get better.

Nothing in my life gets any better

I’m sorry @mountainman how’s your day been?

Was ok work went well, how was yours?

Was ok too :slight_smile: have an interview tomorrow soooooo excited :blush:

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ah nice what sort of job?

Regardless of whether I get it or not I still love this feeling of positivity.

IT Support engineer

Oh wow you must be a smart person for that type of work

It’s a fancy word for first line tech support :joy:

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Still it can be hard for some to figure it out

lol I know it too well :joy: Shouldn’t laugh but you should listen to some of the things people need help with.

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I know, I just use google to figure things out, then a month later I forget how I fixed it LOL

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