I hold conventional work ethic in contempt

“By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken”.
These are, no doubt, the saddest, most ridiculous words every uttered by Man. Prostitution is credited with being the oldest profession, which makes whores out of every working man and woman. Only I have in truth committed the original sin yet I forsake the devil’s commandments. I guess that what I’m trying to say is that I have no intention of working even if I could.

do u get disability benefits?

I’m currently receving state benefits but not disability benefits as such.

Please help me frame this in a recovery context.

Good for you that there are people like me, huh? Be a real shame for a high flyer like you to get his hands dirty.


I never done paid work, in the way of a weekly/monthly payment for it. That was because the help to make working a viable option was never there. That’s not something I’m proud of , far from it.
The guilt and self loathing is always there just below the surface. As is the sense of inferiority.

I’m really sorry you have been made to feel that way.

It’s not anything anyone here has done.

I guess you were never beneath a personal snub, and I realise that condescending sarcasm is your preferred modus operandi when it comes to engaging with stuff you don’t like, but please consider this: I would be still a “high flyer”, as you put it, even if I held a stronger work ethic. Plenty of paupers out there that once held a strong work ethic. It doesn’t take much imagination, although it does take some, to suspect that my statement is probably tied up to other reflections on society and political philosophy, but you express no interest or curiosity about these. I am the opposite, when confronted with an unfamiliar position I grow curious about what is really behind it, instead of resorting to moralistic condemnation.

Finally, my dear @velociraptor, I would like, in the spirit in which you believe my topic was written, to thank you sir for your sacrifice. :slight_smile:

I didn’t say it was. I have worked in the distant past, I just didn’t approve of it. Come to think about it, I have worked my socks off when it comes to creative stuff but as long as I don’t make a full-time living out of my writing I refuse to call it work.