I hit the Medication Wall

My current psychiatrist and I agree - no more new meds for me.
The meds either will harm me or make me worse - I already had to go down on the Risperdal dose, because of agitation and worsening of my mood cycling.

Any new mood stabilizer besides the Lamictal - will either harm my liver or kidneys, like lithium.
I am just going to have to deal with the meds that I am on now.
the newer antipsychotics - like Latuda, or Saphris will worsen my anxiety - I am just too sensitive for these harsh meds - going to deal with what I am taking now at lower doses, like I have been doing.

I already told my therapist that I will always cycle no matter which med I am on - the meds can do so much.
I told her that I will rely on DBT more - I told her and my pdoc understands this - I am done with new meds for a while.
I hit the Medication Wall - No more medication game for me - I realize that meds go so far, I realize that I will always have symptoms - going to deal with them the best that I can without more meds - sometimes less is better, my pdoc is right


yeah its the story of all of us… blend both what ur heart says and pdoc…

I don’t understand all this… Why do they think that we even want medication to begin with? It’s like, they think all sz’s is somehow a “junkie”-type-something, or that we all know what the ■■■■ this is, and they lay it upon us to know what type of medication would “clean us up”.

yeah bro i am also hoping that govt to allocate enough funds for research and studies so they come out with better treatment better med with no side effect and last but not least cure fo sz…

I have come to the realization (at the age of 57) that there just isn’t a medication (thank you God) for the ills caused by a lack of other people in our lives especially for the pain caused by there being a lack of one who would be our mate, for if there were I think that would just be an insult to life itself. Like in a song:…( “living… ain’t…livin… alone”)… anyway.

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yeah…it’s so ■■■■■■■ weird. it’s like the worst kind of mental illness you’ll ever had to deal with. It’s like…so strange. are we like, gods chosen people or like, the devils plaything? wtf. im at a total lossness with this diagnosis. shamans and stuff they say are showing symptoms, all of them, of sz. so what now? I have no ■■■■■■■ clue dealing with “evil-spirits, curing people” and all that ■■■■? I mean I’ve seen a lot of crazy ■■■■ which you might attribute as shamnic or something (wtf do I know) but like… wtf, shits weird, and getting weirder 24/7. it’s not all bad, but wtf. :smiley:

not neccessarely aimed far_cry0

I feel that I’m in a no win game of just trying to survive a bit longer, something with an element of cat and mouse to it. It sounds like what you’re saying about hitting the med wall. Right now I feel the game is in a bit of a stalemate same as you. Others here are also in the same boat. There was a poll here about how effective meds were, and about 50% replied everything was good, and 50% replied not so good. Over the next year people could swap sides on the poll.

My current solution to the no win game was to come off meds completely. I now live in constant fear of a relapse.

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brilliant desciption. the games all 50/50 on every account

i can understand what u r felling right now… I believe that every cloud has silver lining … ,means hope for brighter future…keep on striving to live better life…

yeah, that’s really all we can do, isn’t it.

I’ve been off my meds for a few weeks now and GOD do I feel good. I doubt this will end well though.

Have you tried exercising and eating healthy to help stabilize you? Also I find hot showers greatly helps ease my anxiety.

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yeah, you’ve got good advices

I’m only off for a few weeks, but there can be a honeymoon period where you feel good depending on you and your meds. I felt I had no choice, but I’m afraid of going off course inch by inch and not noticing which is exactly what happened last time. I’m realistic about the fact that it might not end well. Going off meds is a pretty huge decision. To anyone thinking of going off meds, a good question to ask yourself is ‘what’s different this time that makes you think you can’

It seems that the meds go so far - I exercise and eat light and healthy, I just am going to have to learn to live with my symptoms, the meds are not a cure

I’m afraid I’m with those who assert the medications are useful stabilizers of symptoms at the price of causing… other symptoms. (Sigh.)

I agree that schiz has genetic components (actually so many genetic factors as to make them meaningless from the standpoint of trying to medicate them). But there is a lot of efficacy research into non-medicinal (meaning lifestyle change, mechanical stimulation or psychotherapeutic) treatments for schiz, bipolar, extreme PTSD and other psychoses now.

And that research strongly suggests that much can be accomplished for probably 75% schiz pts. by combining medicinal compliance at dosage levels the pts. can tolerate (i.e.: that don’t either zombify them, dessicate their mucous membranes or make them shake, rattle & roll) with those non-medicinal treatments.

What good does it do any of us to get on disability, take our pills and sit around all day while our heads chew on our legs? Please. This is adding insult to injury.

I am an example of what can occur if the pt. takes direction and uses his “down time” effectively. The “profession” is full of us, and there and many more outside the profession living relatively functional lives because we got the message about “learned helplessness” and did what we had to to get beyond our I-dentifications with it.

Also if you can find something to be passionate about in life, I find that helps more than anything. Times when I can expend my energy in a creative, productive manner I typically stabilize and remain in a hypomanic state. Examples would include a hobby, a career or relationships, especially the former two. Basing your happiness off relationships is dangerous though, since someone else has the power to wreck your well-being if it’s totally based off relationships. To be happy you really must have a career or hobby to expend you energy on imho.

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Great comment, Bipolar Bear. Co-Dependence is one of the most major effects – as well as causes – of worsening symptoms of schiz. I have seen this in pt. after pt. after pt. “I will feel better if I get into a (sick, sadomasochistic, dominance-and-submission, rescue-persecute-and-victimize) romantic pseudo-relationship with anyone who will have me.” Please!

Jiddu Krishnamurti and a slew of other wise men from the East have said that “love is be-ing in relationship with what is,” meaning observing to see/hear/feel to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand reality as it is, not what our sick, voice-filled minds believe it to be.

It is difficult to find passion, when I am always depressed… but… I do have my guitar and keep busy with my loving dog… this does keep me going.
Dont get me wrong, I need the meds to function, but they do not eliminate my symptoms completely.
My pdoc feels that in my case , more meds are not going to be the answer

I don’t think there is a “pat” answer for anything as so very complex and complicated as our unique painful suffering. As for me, I am taking a medication vacation. I am a transition concerning med prescribers anyway. I found that out from my therapist yesterday. Such is life in the twenty-first century in small town America.

there is nothing more frustrating then trying more and more things and still have nothing work.

I used to tend to lose patience and get fed up with all the trial and error.

I’m sorry you had to go through all this. Hopefully you can stay the course and feel better soon. At least you know where your at. Not having to mix it up any more.

I hope DBT helps and you start to feel better soon. It sounds like you and your doc are in agreement.
I’m always rooting for you.

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