I help someone get more collage credits so she can be a therapist

Alright so I have known this woman for a while now (she use to run a mental health group) and she is in college to do so and I can honestly say I trust her so I’ll go see her at the therapy office and she’ll be my therapist, on Wednesday she called reminding me I hadn’t seen her in a month and she wanted to make sure I was okay and asked if I would come in and talk to her and I said yes well we scheduled it for 10am today and it kinda turned into a bit of a duzzy… I told her ALL of the trauma I’ve been through not in great detail but I told her the gist of it in order from when I was younger till a few years ago… It was A LOT and it made me realize… I’ve almost ALWAYS gone through some kind of trauma and that I really probably should have been broken mentally during my teen years if not sooner…

Anyways I see her next week and I see a intern who will become a licensed therapist in March or May… (I forgot if she said March or May) anyways she’ll become my therapist and if I want I can keep helping the one young woman get more collage credits and more practice

Anyways I may be wrong about the category to put this in so if I did please let me know!

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