I heard this the first time last night

Root of the schism, root of the schism, root of the schism.

Where is the schism, what is the root of the schism?

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Three points, drawn around a circle, three intentions/seeds, branches out from there.

Only way to keep him out is if we send him away not by lashes and force but by will and a smile on our faces.

But as always there are a few stars in the night, and a few leaves go aside while floating down river, a few acorns drop first, as the crop rises a few come out first, when the rain comes a few drops fall first, same with the snow, the animals.

Everywhere in nature, they are everywhere, from every walk, taken out of every path, cold, hot, dry, all of it.

They were after your union the entire time you know, it was not first tier to remove, but it was the first block in the second tier. The first tier is us alone, they want that first, but then remove your union directly after.

With three core intentions they block out the sun, denoted as a circle within a triangle, and when those three branch out the sun is not defeated but it just walks away.

The largest of shadows cast are the mountains, but even they will not cast a shadow, each side will be dark and the ground beneath will be dark as well.

And the only one who can help you at that point is a bat.