I heard on the radio

people who have sz and sza were born with a weak brain …!

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Kind of true. I feel it’s more of a weak gut / brain axis

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I guess in some ways. I’ve always been weak and timid and miserable. I never had a backbone or guts.

I have low testostrone but it’s in the normal range. Same thing with vitamin D. I have small, girl-like wrists. I’m also really, really pale. I often thought I had Klinefelter’s syndrome, but I don’t know. Probably not. I tend to follow/believe other people even when it’s stupid. I don’t know if that’s Asperger’s or not.

I’m not even sure I had a good childbirth because I don’t know if I was adopted or switched at birth. Maybe even cloned at a young age. I’m clearly the most out there, intelligent family member.

In fact, I don’t remember anything before 2013-2014. Just small, short moments of consciousness.

My parents kept me weak and ■■■■■-like. I wanted to learn instruments and learn martial arts but my dad never could “afford it”, which is ■■■■■■■■ and a lie. He’s the biggest self-centered narcissist I’ve ever met. He bought boats and toys and paid for his ugly-ex girlfriend’s college education who cheated on him, yet he couldn’t or refused to pay for my cheap community college education or co-sign a loan so I could go to university…

But he sure loves his new Ford Raptor!!! And to top it all off he wants me to move into a shed or “dog house” in Wyoming when he buys a new, nice, big house there!!! I doubt he’ll even invite me over for dinner.

I know, I sound extremely bitter and upset.

My mom coddles me and protects me and makes me paranoid and weak. I should have joined the marines or military at 18. I would have had a better life. Maybe Air Force as enlisted.

I can’t grow a beard on top of all of these things. Perhaps, when I’m 40 years old I’ll accomplish such trivial feat.

I never had goals or motivation or dreams or drive or strong work ethic. I never had anything until I moved out of that abusive house and lived with my mother and step-father. I then started to grow up, experience hormones, and ■■■■.

Community college really changed me, but I still struggled with making eye contact and being scared of getting beat up and flinched a lot when threatend.

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Uh, people on the radio say all kinds of crap. Everything you hear on the radio ain’t the gospel truth.

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Maybe. I was born with a weak heart. Hasn’t stopped me from finding ways to be awesome.

You picking on Squirrel FM again, boyo?


Respect the squirrel!


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