I hear voices but nhs says i dont have psycosis

I am dx with Borderline personality Disorder , i hear voices …and see things i went to see the crisis team on a few times now i went a few months ago when things where really bad and i was very unwell when i said its psychosis i was told i dont have it eg. nothing wrong with me or am making it up but the guy said it really forcefully and angry that i was even questioning my dx am made to feel i am in the wrong to go to the crisis team and ask for help i dont want to use the nhs services but because i need meds i am forced to

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What was his explanation?

he said it was trauma and i need to learn to deal with it

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Just tell them you want to discuss it with a psychiatric doctor. Do you not have one anyway for BPD? Cant you discuss it with them, the crisis team are only there for support really, if you want to get a diagnosis you should try to be getting seen by a pdoc.

the person i saw there was a nurse he was going off my notes my psych also says it trauma …but the voices have conversations with me and react to things am saying trauma is an event that has happened

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Oh God - The dreaded Borderline PD. I was in the same position as you. That diagnosis to me is a license for nursing staff not to take you seriously and label you a time waster. Like you - i had voices for years, but nothing was done about it because they thought “it was Psychological”.

I had to be flaming psychotic for over 6 months - before i finally got the needle to make the voices go away.

You have my Sympathys - BPD is a shitty diagnosis.

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They wouldnt let my husband who is my carer in to the room with me and thats when they talked to me like i was crap :poop: / the man said YOU DONT HAVE PSYCHOSIS ( Its me thats hearing them not them how would they know ) and i just need to sleep when i have called them they tell me to have a bath or have a cup of tea ( during the day ) and sleep ( at night ) because they need to keep the beds free ( number of beds limited as its the nhs and they get government funded ) FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE REAL PROBLEMS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hospital beds are usually reserved for people who are an active danger to themselves or others, so it’s not surprising you didn’t get one. But I’m sorry you got stuck with the BPD label. It’s like @Naarai said, it makes it hard for doctors to take you seriously.


PTSD can cause voices, but they’re usually related to the subject of the traumatic event. I would just keep going to the doctor and maybe bring someone else to help you explain better. 🤷

I know its for people in danger of killing themselves or hurt others at the time i was and my husband couldnt handle me at all i went home self harmed there has been times where i was a lot worse and they did nothing

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