I hear success stories and

I wonder why don’t I have a success story too?
Others are without symptoms for years.
And i always have something going on.
Either voices, or delusions etc

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Me too…I can take the hallucinations…its the negative symptoms and depression that are difficult to deal with.

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Why can’t i be on the good side?

How long have you been having symptoms?

3 years. Since the onset in 2017

I finally got on the right meds and now I’m completely stable…tell your pdoc…he or she is the only one who can fix your mind with meds.


Well, if we look at my past, 3 years of schizophrenia, 4 different psychiatrists, 10 different aps. Maybe i am treatment resistant

Aps either don’t work at all, or they work for a few months and then they stop

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Have you been on Clozapine?

Yes, 300mg. You?

I didn’t need to go on it in the end. I take 800mg of Amisulpride and it works alright

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how about deanxit / flupentixol?


I felt the same way until I went on risperdal 4mg 3xday and haldol 5mg 2xday prn. I also had good results from Thorazine.

Dont give up… even if you’ve taken most aps.

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(Relative) success doesn’t happen overnight. And it takes work, luck, and help. I live in a physically nice apartment and I drive a nice car and work part time.

I’m 58 years old.
But my first three years of schizophrenia were solid suffering. And I had nothing for those three years, just unbelievable agony and I’m lucky I made it through. It took me three or four years of schizophrenia to get stable. And I ended up relapsing anyways.

But I had a lot of help along the way and I co-operated in my own treatment. It wasn’t until I reached middle age that my symptoms got less intense and some of them went away. Now I have the coveted peace of mind and I can relax and the mind stops racing. And I could sit and think!! What a luxury!

But yeah, recovery comes in small increments, sometimes they are barely noticable.

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How old was you when you started your symptoms? Do you have hallucinations? Do you think the med change make your symptoms less intense or the aging? I heard some people said schizophrenia symptoms will be less when we get older.

Didn’t you recently say you started having symptoms in 2017? You’re the only person I’ve met on the site who started having symptoms later than me (mine started in 2015). Maybe you’re just going through the worst of it in your first years like I was. My delusions and paranoia drastically decreased after the first two-three years.

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I was put in my first psyche ward at age 19. My mom told me years later that she thought something was wrong with me in high school but she didn’t know what it was. I had been acting a little weird before that but nothing really crazy. I’ve never hallucinated. I think it’s the aging that made me better. Over the course of my disease, starting when I was in my early twenties, I had heard that schizophrenia gets better in middle age and it sure was true in my case (and other people on here too).

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