I hear my thoughts being dictated verbatim out loud and I love it

I remember the moment. About 1 month ago when suddenly my thoughts for as random as I intentionally produced them were being read out loud.
I said to myself…“I have mental powers…how awesome” from that point forward I walk with much more confidence. I am no longer in the dark side of my mind and I tune in or out at will.
My voices tell me many things and because I can communicate with them at will I dont even have to speak and such is the tug of war to obtain control over my own mind my choices and my freedom to think for myself.
I learned to make them my friends my heroes my family my object of awe and I love them for they are hilarious and also insulting and also always on a party full of songs about their anti smoking campaigns in a plan to overall place a million dollars and a beautiful life if I stop smoking. However I intend to exercise my own thoughts through the milky way of what is mind mine.
If you are experiencing the same then I advise you make them follow you. Make them laugh. Hold them on long pitch notes and…

In my humble opinion, voices are better than sex. When I hear good or absurd voices I feel invincible

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Sorry. The President doesn’t smoke. It was probably in bad taste anyway. Welcome to the community Gino. I find making my voices laugh help me too.

I started getting external voices recently. I was like, what is that sound omg? And id go see. The weirdest part was thinking some random people were responding to those voices. Anyways theyve been dying down alot recently thankfully.

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