I havent had magical thinking since 2010 but

sometimes when i get really stressed, the magical thinking will start to briefly creep up but im able to fight through it. Lately ive been low on money and eating at the homeless shelter. But, i used my rewards card to get a 25 dollar chilis gift card. I hadnt eaten a good meal in weeks and i was so excited to use my gift card and eat 25 dollars worth of food. The night before i was gonna use it i was excited thinking about the food i was gonna eat. Then a thought in my mind crept up telling me to throw the card away and not eat the food because if i did use the gift card it would cause my grandmother to die. For a few minutes my heart started beating fast and it felt like it did ten years ago when the magical thinking like this was almost constant and much more severe, making me do things i didnt want to do or really wanted/needed to do but couldnt because i thought something really bad would happen. In the morning i hurried up and used my gift card as soon as they opened and quickly ate the food before any magical thinking returned. It felt so good with the food in my belly.


I’m so glad you enjoyed the food! With $25 you could probably still get another meal, right?

thanks for sharing just went through a similar thing

Glad you got to have the food and enjoy it. As hard as things may get, always remember that that you deserve good things.

no i actually ate the whole 25 dollars worth at once. i had a queso burger, pasta with alfredo sauce, fries, mashed potatoes, nachos and a coke. If I wouldve had 2000 more reward points i couldve gotten a 50 dollar reward card. However, this was the first time ive eaten at Chilis in about ten years.

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Well I’m glad you had such a good meal :slight_smile:

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