I have very good siblings

they pick me up when I am down. do people with sz pick themselves up better than us or are we just overloaded with problems from sz and therefore need help more?

i’d like to pick myself up and not be dependent but man does it feel good to get that help.

what do you think?



My family help me every step of the way - in every way.

I am glad to hear that username. my own family does a combo of helping and trying to see that I do myself what I can and sometimes it can be miserable for me but I guess it is the best thing. still, talking to them and reaching out to them is wonderful wonderful. so happy for you that your family helps you so very well. mine does too.


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I tend to keep things to myself when I’m down. My mom says I’m terrible with any sort of illness, I always keep it to myself and think I’m okay. So, they would probably pick me up more if I let them.


My two brothers also have undiagnosed schizophrenia, and my sister has PTSD. We all rely heavily on each other to pick us up when we are down. Human beings are social by nature, so most of us cope better when we have others to lean on. There is no shame in that.


For a while… I lost my brothers…

I really thought it was because they couldn’t handle me.

I had NO idea they were going through their own head circus. I still have one brother I don’t get along with… it’s not me… he’s going through something dark… it has nothing to do with me.

Now that we’re all older and more calm… they are coming back.

My sis… well… saved my life and have always been on my side.

I’m pretty grateful for my siblings.


My siblings suck. None of them want to have anything to do with me because they think I’m just making all this up for attention. Because who doesn’t want to take heavy meds and be locked away in hospitals for months at a time? :: massive ■■■■■■■ eye roll::

I’m very independent, which is good, but since I’ve never asked for help from others,
I’m not sure if they would or not.

My siblings has helped me a lot a lot especially my younger brother,he is 2 years younger than me but he is smart,humorous and handsome.He is a popular person,he help me when I am at my worse moment,I am grateful and glad to have him as my siblings

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