I have trust issues with my mom

She tricked several times to get admitted into hospital involuntarily. The first time she said we just gonna go to a normal doctor (hence I was under risperidone for two weeks and was feeling bettet) she called called in ambulance and was escorted to the hospital. Second time I was in UK and I stopped meds and was asking my sister to lead to an emergency room that I could stay in UK. Instead my mom promised that in my home country was my dream job waiting and loads of cash (She stimulated my delylusions) so I quit my job and moved back to my home country and upon arrival police was waiting with ambulance to get me escorted to the hospital again. Third time I wasn’t even psychotic , I was depressed after my relapse and due to my mom lying about a job here and she said “let’s go to emergency room, maybe they will give you some sedatives”. Instead she lied to hospital staff that I tried to kill myself and was again involuntarily hospitalized. The fourth time was really no reason at all as my mom negotiated to change my diagnosis into worse SZ to get more points into disability. She negotiated my hospital doctor secretly to get me hospitalized to change from schizoaffective to paranoid sz (which is considered worse in my country) I was minding my business at home and see ambulance coming with my mom (hence I was getting invega monthly) and was involuntarily hospitalized again. I have huge trust issues with my mom. I don’t trust her anymore. If I could and have money I would make a case against her (but probably I would get involuntarily hospitalized again) she is threatening me to put into hospital again if I don’t get a job and pay her rent.


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