I have trouble grasping this----is it a part of mental illness?

I have trouble grasping that it’s year 2017 for EVERYBODY in the world. Especially really old people. I think it’s still 1950 for them. It’s weird and hard to explain, but I don’t believe its 2017 for everyone. But then i’ll ask them a question and theyll prove its 2017 for them too. Strange.

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What do you think…that the old farts (to you) are stuck in a time warp?
I remember in 1978 when visiting with my grandfather, he was writing a letter to my mom using real paper and a pen(!), and he had written 1968, then scratched it out and corrected it to 1978…well, I thought that was pretty pathetic at the time.
I mean, how could he have gotten it wrong by 10 years?

Cut to this old fart here, being asked to sign and date on the dotted line for something official, and I just about wrote 1997!
Uh, stop and think, um 2007? 2017, at least I didn’t write 1977.
or worse, 1967…but I might have been too little to write, but only by 2 years.

It happens faster than you can believe.

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Percisely!!! Miss Csummers…

Well you young un’s just wait, your time will be here sooner than you think, and then the next generation will be saying, yes SIR, no SIR, and give you an extra 20% off at the register for all your grey hairs.

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i honesty forget time often.