I have trouble doing things, questions for those who overcame this issue

I remember when I was a kid I would play video games all night sometimes, even though the chair was uncomfortable and I desperately needed sleep, I would play video games a lot. When I was an adult I would set my mind on something, school or work, and I would attain it with ease and expediency.

Now I struggle to do anything. I would like to read more and start writing again, but within a couple minutes I’m pacing or lying down again. It’s terribly boring but I’m constantly restless.

How do I fix this? I literally have looked for advice but I just can’t seem to do it. (Just do it!!!)

Pls help

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I’ve just started getting back into hobbies again recently. I think the key to reading, for example, is to start doing it small chunks, not trying to read a huge amount at a time. Just do a little and take a break. You may find yourself slowly starting to enjoy it more. I would say that this method may help you with many other activities.

If you feel like doing more, by all means do, but I think easing your way back into these activities might be helpful. It has worked for me anyway.


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