I have too many weird interactions

Everyone i tell about it says there hallucinations. But i dont think so. I just am at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like today, a guy walks by and says “which way is the casino”, yes hes not anywhere close to a casino, but i point in the rough direction of the closest one. Next he starts either slurring or talking backwards. It felt a bit weird. But whos to say that wasnt real? Ofc people just think i hallucinate all the time because of the diagnosis, but eh


What do you mean by slurring or talking backwards? Sometimes I just don’t comprehend what people are saying.

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I feel like this after episodes and eventually it calms down…till the next episode and then the hyperventilate is back on full force making me question everything.

That could be it too. Lack of social interactions causing me to not follow what they are saying. What i meant though is i didnt understand the guy to the point where it sounded like a different language.

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I really don’t know. You could be hallucinating or it could’ve been a weird guy.

Maybe he was bilingual and was actually saying something in a different language.

I get strange reactions from strangers like that too. Can’t even engage in a conversation or they will ■■■■ up my mind!

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