I have toes again!

So it’s no secret I’m getting fit and dieting which I’m sure your all sick of hearing but I feel I have to share.

After a good couple of months my beer gut has shrunk so that now I can see my toes when I look directly down. I keep going like this and soon I’ll be able to see my weiner when I pee again! Right now I don’t have to lean out 90 degrees to get a look at my feet. Winning Charlie!



That’s definitely something to be proud of! :smiley:

Exciting stuff!


I got the dicky doos, my stomach sticks out father than my dicky do.


Congrats @roguetwo !

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Great job!!! I’ve gained 60 pounds (27kg) of the 100 pounds (45 kg) I lost 2 years ago. I’m totally out of control. The cravings I’m having are super intense. I need to somehow regain control. I’m a mess.

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