I have to use a chemical to feel sex drive


I’m guessing there’s a voice telling you that you have no business having sex. Are you really prepared to?


No there’s no voice, I just can’t feel it.


Amphetamines kill, and they destroy everything held valuable before death.

When a floridly psychotic patient comes into the ER, they only way they can tell the difference between a speed user and a paranoid schizophrenic is by taking a history.

Amphetamines rob the user of pleasure chemicals in the brain. But after years off the drugs, the normal enjoyment of life may return.

I recommend Narcotics Anonymous to you.



I just wanna heal my anhedonia. I had it before amphetamines, so bad I feel like it doesn’t matter if it gets worse because I was already at rock bottom. no doctor will help me. I’ve had multiple relationships fail simply because I’m asexual. I’ve been beaten down. I’m so alone because of my bizarre anhedonia


Check out this site avem. Com


I would also be willing to bet if I described my exact symptoms of anhedonia , doctor’s wouldn’t be able to distinguish between amphetamine use or mental illness.


So . . . what do you think?


Here is a different perspective. I don’t think you should expect your partner to cure your feelings of loneliness. That is not fair to them. You take drugs so you can feel emotions, be in a relationship, and not be alone. Thus, you take drugs so you won’t feel lonely. The best partners aren’t lonely when they are alone. They enjoy the solitude. Something to consider.

From what others on this thread are saying, the amphetamines will eventually kill whatever feelings you have left, so you might as well get off of them now while you can still feel something. I would learn how to like yourself even when you are alone. Then you will be ready for a real relationship.


I do enjoy solitude but I would like to feel some pleasure at least
.and I don’t want to be alone forever
. I love people. I’m 26, had this anhedonia since 19.


Have the same issues emotional blunting … no. Pleasure or lack of motivation can’t feel or connect as well with others… this is said from ssris also can cause the problem where they can zap your good feelings with the negatives leaving your receptor desentized causing it not to re stable you can try insoitol which worked for me a lot I only made my self worse when I took sarcosine and nac made me manic and have shizo issurs and alot worse… but I was in the same boat no emotions not happy or sad just mellow all the time and pleasureless now I’m going though the negatives again since sarcosine and nac which are the anxiety and etc but its the 5ht1a receptor that is causing the damage the more drugs that hit that receptor the worse it will desentized you need to excersice alot and try l tyrosine


you dont get aroused at all when you sober?


No it’s like I can’t mentally conceptualize the feeling of sexual arousal at all.
. No matter how hard I try
It used to come naturally when sober.


Mayve u haven’t gone thru puberty? I’m jk I saw a video of a man that hadn’t gone thru puberty.


I’m assuming since you mentioned sex drive and drugs, you’re talking about meth or adderall, or cocaine. These only intensify hallucinations and I would highly recommend getting off them. I used to be on all three. Try edging. I’m sure you know what that is. If not look it up. Its gross yeah, but if you’re looking for more sex then that’s your option besides murdering your brain and body with these types of drugs


Yeah I saw it too lol. The one that was on dr. Phil? Its definitely a part of my EXTREME anhedonia


I can’t edge because I cannot feel sexual arousal at all
And I use propylhexedrine, which is similar to meth and ecstasy. Its a septonin, dopamine, and adrenalin reuptake inhibitor
Idon’t know why my negative symptoms are atypically severe, sometimes I think I’m being secretly drugged.


You’re not being secretly drugged.

I looked up propylhexedrine. It can cause heart damage, psychosis, and paranoia among other things. I have a minor heart condition, but I have to keep on track so it doesn’t get any worse. I don’t recommend doing anything to damage your heart or your brain, even for sex. If your heart is not healthy for sex or you’re too psychotic for sex, then it was all for nothing anyway.


‘A Pilot Study of Loving-Kindness Meditation for the Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia’ - journal article.


(Average anhedonia score went from 20.94 pre-LKM to 14.11 post-LKM.)


Something anti-sensual going on. People can easily get the idea that anything pleasurable is bad. I’m reminded of the old joke "Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, or fattening.


I don’t believe I’m too psychotic for sex, I believe it’s on the negative symptom side, specifically dopamine disfunction in mesolimbic pathway. Its effects are further reaching than just sex.
If I’m not being secretly drugged than what explains my symptomology?