I have to use a chemical to feel sex drive


What meds solved your anhedonia?


Clozapine first took away feeling that aliens had me,then fluoxetine for depression.


I’m glad they worked for you. That doesn’t describe anhedonia tho.


If you have never had a sex drive I don’t know how you would miss it. Maybe you just don’t like sex.

Remeron killed mine and I had to stop it. Didn’t help me sleep anyway which is what I was taking it for. It also made me hungry.


I never had it.I had opposite problem,too much libido.You know what libido is?


I had a sex drive. The feeling went away after my psychotic symptoms and depression went away. I can’t conceptualize the feeling in my head( along with other emotions).


Yes. I also used to have very high libido.


Hospital is better for your health.You come and go but you will never get cured by yourself.No more replays.


I have never heard of that before. I am sorry. You said sober. So does that mean you abuse drugs or alcohol to have a sex drive?

That sounds dangerous


Yes, because of my illness I have to abuse drugs just to feel basic human emotions that every person is entitled to as a human being. I’m apparently not a human being, it’s effed up


I don’t have a range of emotions either but I still have a sex drive so I can’t judge. Everyday is just blah but it beats being psychotic.

You need to get yourself in treatment. I am trying to get my wife to go back in a program. She is a Chronic alcoholic so I know its hard to do. Much easier said than done but something to consider.


Treatment for anhedonia?


I have bad anhedonia too. It goes with the illness. I don’t think you can shake it but Latuda and Wellbutrin help me to deal with it.

I meant treatment for drug abuse. Self medicating is a dangerous path.


But if I stop using I won’t be able to feel human emotions. That also is a dangerous path and not a life that I deserve. If I could find a med to truly fix my problem I would take it and stop using drugs in a heartbeat, but living without emotions is not something I will ever strive for.


I don’t know what to tell you then.

I don’t have emotions but I don’t abuse drugs either. I am afraid to get high because I think I might become an addict too and I am afraid of more paranoia like with marijuana.

For now being stable is enough.

What is your drug of choice?


Amphetamines are the only ones that allow me to feel emotions.


Who is all the pressure to have sex coming from?


It is my understanding that meth, in particular leads to years of anhedonia.

A friend of mine had a daughter who used speed. She was sent to prison for three years; the anhedonia disappeared in that time. She has been wonderfully healthy and successful since that time,


Me. I enjoy feeling human emotions and being asexual prevents me from being in a relationship


I wish I could be healthy without it. Whether I use or don’t use it I will have years of anhedonia, most likely til I die.