I have to use a chemical to feel sex drive

I cannot feel sex drive at all when sober, I cannot conceptualize the feeling in my brain. I have to use a chemical to feel it. If I wanna have sex I have to use chemical and I’m only 26. I hate being mentally I’ll.


Is this an rx?


Having no sex drive is a common side effect of antidepressants. Wellbutrin usually doesn’t have this side effect, if I remember correctly.

I’m not on any anti depressants or meds at all. I can’t conceptualize certain feelings in my brain due to my illness.

No, not an RX. S

Have you considered getting on meds? And what is your diagnosis?

No diagnosis. The doctors can’t explain my anhedonia.it happened after my positive symptoms went away by themselves and my depression lifted. It’s surreal.

I tried Wellbutrin and cabergoline to no success

Is your anhedonia affecting daily living and relationships?

Which kind of chemical @Plindiana?
Stay away from street drugs.

Yes severely. I’m unable to have a relationship

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It’s not good, but like I said it’s the only way I can feel certain emotions. Not my choice, just the cards I was dealt.

Instead of doing drugs, go see a doctor and consider getting placed on medication.

Street drugs will make you feel worse in the long run.


You certainly need help.Thats why you’re here.Stay on this site,don’t go for cheap things!

Here’s a lot people who had been where you are now.

I have been placed on meds. Like I said the docs don’t have an answer. That’s their words. I’ve tried testosterone injections and cabergoline from docs, it doesn’t do anything. And also tried anti depressants.

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Thanks, I don’t think I’ll ever get my feelings back tho.

I’ve been wandering streets for two years thinking the same thing.

You have anhedonia?

Not in 20 years on meds.