I have thought of buying someone to murder me

When this illness hits us, we are initially not prepared to face it


when we take medication and health supplements

these chemicals prepare us to live without major problems.

I am not loved by those people anymore. It’s meaningless to live. They all withdraw themselves from my life. I’m alone everyday. I cant find a meaning struggling to live.

How do you handle a full live of loneliness? I’m all alone.

Ask your doctor / psychiatrist to plug you into something. Like get a social worker. You sound like you want to socialise. But you have to tell your medical team that you need it.


Believe me if you have money or some other financial support then you can choose

your words,

you can literally say you are all alone

but with money on your side you can forget the others who are not part of your life


now, you can say you got the life you always dreamed of.

You don’t need life that is not YOU

you just need to live the life you can possibly have.

I know it hurts a lot when people give up on you. But it’s a part of life, we have to learn how to cope with all the ■■■■ life throws at us. And the ■■■■ never stops coming. You sound like you could really benefit from talking about this with a professional. It might help the depression, and they might be able to help you overcome the problems you’re facing socially so you can make new friends. Don’t give up.


We are individuals, we can’t expect others to follow suite.

I think selegiline requires a prescription.

I feel the same way you do philosophically. A person is much more complex than just one point of view. Enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer: food, sleep, the natural world, driving a car, reading, thinking, washing the dishes, being alone. Sorry-That’s all I can come up with.



Ill trade my life for this ------------ EVERYTHING ---------MY ARMS, MY LEGS…IF I WAS LEFT ALONE…BUT SADLY I AM NOT.

I am in a freaking CASE which is nothing of my fault…and I cant be left ALONE.

Being ALONE or LEFT ALONE is the greatest blessing in this world.

I dont believe in a God else I would have prayed 24*7 for the closure of this legal case so that I can legally run away from everyone to a corner of the world where noone can find me or contact me.

…and this is why I strongly believe in a God. Even if untrue, which is impossible to objectively verify, it is empirically healthier to believe than not believe. This is why I am okay believing that spirits contact & visit me, and that God is overwatching my position. It’s all part & parcel of conquering loneliness.

I haven’t had to suffer from depression in a long time, just fatigue and excessive tiredness. You’re being strengthened, though, in such a way that you will hopefully completely conquer sadness once & for all-time… at least that is the view I keep to myself about my predicament.

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@goggles I am so sad for you. I’ve been there. twice. I learned from my suicide attempts that I indeed had a purpose in life because it’s not my life to take. My life belongs to God. That is where I find hope…please seek hope in life if it’s nothing more than a nice dinner or maybe nature? I will pray for you.

Everyone goes through periods of loneliness - thats normal. It doesn’t last forever. You can meet and make friends again - don’t give up. Listen to the other people here who have been through similar situations.

Yes - I think so:

Sure, people will let you down. That’s because we’re only human. I know it might sound corny to you, but God or the idea of him, is perfect and won’t let you down. So, if you can give a little prayer to God, it will clear out a lot of the let downs people have given you. One of the biggest let downs is that we grow old, begin to fail and die. I think you will agree that that is not done on purpose, right?

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I turn to nature.

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Its normal to feel this - we all do at times, I’m sure.

Here is a positive way to cope with your fears and loneliness:

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The world would not improve if you left it… So stick around. There’s plenty of people who cause lots of trouble for lots of people. Us schizophrenics are just fearful people who stay in our houses. We’re just people with schizophrenia trying to survive and we don’t have much. We deserve to live as much as the aggressive, sociopathic users who force themselves on everybody around them.


Yeah most of us are too scared to be violent. My therapist said that yesterday. I said that if you cut out the ones of us who do stimulants and/or hallucinogens/psychedelics and are off their medication and I bet the percentage of violence is less than the normies. The ones taking care of themselves the best :blush:

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one big bunny :rabbit: hug coming up… :heart:
take care :alien: