I have this survival idea

I used to be struggling for my survival is what it felt like. then it felt like I was surviving but not easily. now I feel like I can survive pretty easily but that’s it!! I am just surviving. where’s the life?

thank god for these forums. it makes me feel like there is humanity in my life and that makes me feel alive at least while I am on.



I’m surviving too. One day at a time

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levelj1. don’t you wish you had much more than survival in your life?


I feel I do have more. But the more I try to do I eventually implode and burn out and have to slow back down.

I have days when I feel I’m doing awesome and days where I feel I’m just surviving

I had the opposite idea, I thought that when the world would end, I’d race outside to greet it with open arms and break out in a huge smile- then die.

Now that was my idea to lesson the stress of the “what if’s” about something I couldn’t control.
I 'm a lot like a opossum, at the near chance I was about to “die”, I’d lay down and pretend to be dead.
This worked for a long while, but in the end, I’d still have to get up, brush the dirt off my clothes, and try to catch up for all the down time when I finally gave up not dead.

Surviving is good, but having a lot of memories about the time you’ve spent on earth that hopefully was good- or at least good for a story, makes a life worth living.

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