I have therapy tonight

I have a good therapist she is nice but the waiting area is stuffy and there’s kids squealing and there’s mold under the wallpaper I can smell it it’s not nice but who you gonna call? I called some extermination company but they were like, Um, do you work there? and I said Yes my therapist always says I’ve been doing good work and they were like, can she sign the work order so I gave up

Sounds like you have a lot to discuss with your therapist.

Can mold travel with me home oh god

I think it’s why the receptionist is always coughing on me

What hour? 151515

It’s usually 5 on Thursdays but this week it’s 6 on Tuesday, she has some mysterious appt

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This site should be called free therapy :slight_smile:

Yes I agree although there are some subjects I can’t broach here that I can talk to my therapist about

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I do have a lot to discuss even not including the mold issue it’s been snowing here and I feel like it’s too early for winter to be here and where the heck did autumn go? Also I’ve been drinking too much coffee

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