I have the urge

I have the urge to check all the rooms and anywhere somebody could hide. What if I didn’t notice that somebody snuck in. What if somebody is here. What if they’re waiting.

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With me I always would be afraid someone was in the back seat of the car. I couldn’t get over the feeling that there was.

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Well. It’s paranoid schizophrenia for a reason. Could just take some counseling to get through it

That’s not what I have

I have the urge to eat some Christmas chocolates. I just moved them to where I can’t see them. Hoping that helps.


It won’t help. They’ll just move themselves to somewhere you’ll be sure to find them. :wink:

i had that before. i would get help before it turns into full blown psychotic episode

Stayed out of them, got 45 minutes of exercise in on my Oculus, and came in below today’s calorie budget. Take that, urge!



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