I have the luck of the Irish. But I'm Greek

Wow! I think I might get to sleep with the beautiful secretary at my group home. I’ve been getting the vibe. Yes, good ole 77nick77 might get lucky!
All jokes aside. I’ve been checking her out and she doesn’t seem to mind and I can sometimes tell when a girl is willing. She’s about 30 or 35 with a sexy accent. Wish me luck. It will really make me happy and I need it.


Step up and get you some @77nick77 I am certainly in your corner !! I didn’t know you are Greek, that’s awesome too.


It’s certainly your turn to have a girl.

Yeah, she’s a beauty.

Maybe just see if she’s open to having a cup of coffee after work? Something subtle like that? good luck.

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Is she a redhead? I like redheads

My intuition tells me I can skip the coffee.

A brunette…

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Good luck man I hope you get some

i shall from this day forward call you ’ Eros greek god of love ’ :heart:
take care :alien:

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Just call me Mr. Zeus. I perform miracles at bargain basement prices.