I have the blood work of an athlete

I have the blood work of an athlete.


In thirty years, the best blood work my pdoc ever saw.


And I’m an alcoholic and chain smoker. Must be genes + exercise.


They always tell me I have the best veins. Except that one mean lady still stabbed me once. Lol. She did it on purpose for no reason…

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I used to have good veins before I got on Seroquel. I was like 135lbs 7% body fat (estimated for high school wrestling). And even without squeezing my arm I would have good veins for taking blood. Now I have as many veins as the Michelin Man.

We didn’t discuss much my recent stay at the psyche ward… but hey nice blood work!

I had good numbers too the first time my pdoc had labs done. I forgot to fast though, at whole pizza that morning, still my blood was really good, especially HDL cholesterol, abnormally high. At that time I was exercising, running about 20 miles a week. Its not very much but maybe the fact that I was overweight meant I was working harder. For a little guy my 20mpw was the equivalent of 30 I suppose.

"I have the blood work of an athlete"
i hope the athlete wasn’t recently dead. lol just kidding. that type of blood work is very good! they actually compare good heartbeats-per-minute rates to athletes

I have the brain of an 80 year old man.

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Maybe you were injected with super solder serum? Do you have strength, speed and agility that’s close to superhuman, but not quite? Peak human?

I did feel that way before I was put in the mental ward.

Sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up. That’s from Marvel’s Captain America.

Me too. Unfortunately it’s Buttterbean.
Butterbean is in the red, white, and blue trunks.

Hopefully I can get my back back to what’s normal for me and I can start exercising again. I don’t train like an athlete, I train like a guy trying to lose some weight while being pretty good at lifting heavy things if the need arises.