I have taken a mental health day today

This is what the youth call it now I think. Hip and cool to have a mental health day apparently.

Truth be told I have been plagued with extreme stress and anxiety these past couple of weeks, and work has tested me to within an inch of my life.

Not sure what the day holds, but need to keep it fairly low key to avoid stress and try to recover my composure

I am working tomorrow instead to make up for it, but I feel bad that I could not drag my ass one day more to get over the line to the weekend

Too much for me to deal with today

What is everyone else doing?

Also, do you ever get to these breaking points where you have to down tools and take a day out?


I had to down tools so to speak, cut back on some things last Tuesday i’d taken on too much and i had to recharge my batteries, i’m volunteering again today though in a cafe/pantry type place 4 hrs


@Joker i feel like that often. Sometimes you just need to chill and catch your breath and train of thought. It very difficult to push beyond those mental barriers. It’s good that you know when to stop rather than crashing. Take it easy.


I wish I could take the day off tommorow. Our group is going to a party, and I don’t want to go. I’ve thought about faking an illness. It might be better to go to the party than to stay in my room all day.

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Glad to know you recognise you need a rest.


Drinking monster energy drinks, eating sweet and hot beef jerky, and listening to 90’s hits on YouTube. Ran to the store to get food for my air fryer for the weekend. Just chilling. Good vibes.


I did that a couple times when I was teaching at the High School last year. Actually, more than a couple times, but I didn’t tell them that it was a “mental health day” because I didn’t want to even suggest that I have mental illness.

In my opinion it is a very good thing to do, no need to push yourself, and definitely don’t feel bad about it.

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