I have such good friends

Never had good friends in my life before. U know no person is perfect and I definitely understand and respect everyone’s flaws. That said, my friend dan , I told him some heavy stuff yesterday and he said all the perfect right stuff it really made me feel good. I shared some of my worst traumas with him and he just made me feel really good he helped me understand them better without putting me down in any way. Wow he is a really good friend I knew this but he’s even better than I thought. And my other two friends are real good friends too. I feel grateful.

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My friends here are great too. But somethings are better understood in real person.

Yea real friends are good.

They a very important aspect of life.

Theres only so much a forum can do

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Glad to hear you have a friend like that. It makes a huge difference when you have someone positive in your life.


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