I have some memories going through my head

I’m remembering the time I was so depressed and hearing voices and dissociating badly and I had to walk to the pharmacy to pick up my Latuda by myself. I got so angry when I got there I went into the bathroom at the pharmacy and took the whole bottle. I walked home and crawled into bed and fell asleep to never wake up again. At some point later my husband at the time found the empty bottle in the bag and called 911. They came and called the police and forced me to go to the hospital. At the hospital they threatened to pump my stomach if I didn’t take charcoal. So I did. My heart began to slow down and they kept giving me medicine to keep it beating but I was getting sicker. The hospital didn’t have an ICU so they decided to fly me to the closest cardiac ICU. I stayed in the ICU for 3 days while they kept my heart beating. Then they transferred me to a regular hospital bed where I saw a Psychiatrist and her team. By this time I was no longer a danger to myself and they arranged for my mental health team to come get me and bring me home. My pdoc took me off Latuda and put me on Saphris. Since then I’ve been much more stable and once we added Rexulti I don’t think about suicide like I used to. Thanks for listening.


Sounds scary. I took a whole bottle of aspirin when I was psychotic one time. Had a similar experience with the charcoal and all.

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I’m sorry you went through that. It is sad.

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