I have severe depression

My first stay in a Ward I was so depressed. I felt things change in my mid teens. People started asking me why I was sad depressed. I wish it was that easy to just Cheer up . How do you feel better


I dont know what feels better sometimes but just accepting depression…

Thats a place to start.

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Maybe you can try a new anti depressant?

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I don’t feel any improvement with Lexapro. Only thing is is I don’t see my pdoc til mar 3rd. I’m going to keep taking it. I’ll leave my caseworker a message… amitriptyline goes with my perphenazine I didn’t like em together. Sorry for long post.

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That’s not unusual. I have treatment-resistant (refractory) depression, and have tried most antidepressants with little or no benefit.

Long post? It was only three lines.


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It depends, if your depression if from circumstances…or if it comes from your mind.

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I take wellbutrin for it.

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I’ve been in hospital twice because of depression, in both cases with unhinged feelings of guilt. Best wishes for your recovery.


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