I have nothing to do

I have one class and one exam this week and then it’s thanksgiving break and I will have nothing much to do at all.

I have a pretty bad cold right now so I am strung out on DayQuil and NyQuil shots taking shots like a sniper (I’m kidding) and have my crap for the exam memorized.

I don’t know what to do! My appetite is huge, I’m ravenous. Is that to do with having a bad cold? What is that? Am I pregnant?


Idk I’m lucky I like sports it always keeps me busy watching sports. Surely you can read or watch Netflix or something :smiley:

Some down time, too bad you have a cold…

It seems like that happens to me too… the minute my body figures out I have some down time… it uses that time to be sick.

I guess it’s better then being sick when I’m busy.

Hope you feel better soon… stay warm, and sleep.

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Oh thank God, eh?

Happy Holidays to all of my friends on here.

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I’m 60% sure your pregnant. :slight_smile:

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I often eat our of boredom. I’m not too awfully fat, but I do worry about my weight. I wonder what my cholesterol is.

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I sometimes smoke out of boredom.

If you have cravings for pickles and ice cream at 2:00 am chances are we will see a little mini-Mortimer crawling around in 9 months.



Nothing to do. Utter HELL for us bipolars. (You’ll think of something constructive, though.)

I read the DSM and concluded that I do not have narcissistic personality disorder but that I do have autism. All the other disorders stay the same for me.

Which one? Not the V, I hope. The thing is useless. (Except to get the insurer to pay you.)

Vis personality disorders, I like the III and IV, but like Millon’s (he wrote the Axis II sections for those two DSMs) PDBT even better.

And his books? Yow.

…and many more, including the =bible= on psychopathy.

I was getting bored, so I checked out the UFO’S in my neighborhood.

Apparently there was a UFO spotted in 08/03/2012 10:20 UTC directly over the Beer Store just down the road.

Yeah the DSM 5 is what I have. Gotta stay up to the times, yo. But yeah I do disagree with some of its content

For pecuniary reasons, of course. Mine is sitting where I can see it from here. It’d be a dustier if I didn’t have to use the thing.

Lots of cheap used copies of the IV on Bag one. Next best thing to having Millon’s own stuff for Axis II. (Truly, a revelation. Even when I can hear the fingernails on the blackboard.)