I have not spoken English in the past 13 years

I write here in English, but I live in the society where I do not need to speak in English.

How many languages can you speak?

Tietenkin voisin kirjoitella täällä myös eri kielellä, mutta sitten te ette ymmärtäisi minua. :smile:

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What does that mean?

Finnish, English, some Russian, some Swedish. I used to study in America many languages such as German, Spanish, especially when I traveled in countries speaking these languages.

Of course, I could write here in a different language, but then you would not understand. :smile:

I would love to be a polyglot. I have no excuse for not learning another language (I am from the UK - here people can be very lazy about languages).

One question: do you dream in other languages? Would love to dream in a foreign language.

I have dreams in images. Just before waking up today I had a dream that I had picked up a beautiful woman. Weird dreams.

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English is not my native language also, obviously :slight_smile:

Today I got a new book ‘What does the Bible really teach?’, it is in English and was given to me by two Jehovah’s Witnesses. I can refresh my English a little.

If you want to know what the bible teach you should read the bible. Its the truth.

I have a Bible too, two JWs gave me last year this book ‘New world translations of the Holy Scriptures’, it is in English and I have read it a little. It is so nice that Jehovah Witnesses give these books. Just wondering how the new JW headquarters is evolving in New York.

Glad that you have a bible. I dont have one. I read online versions. Thinking of buying one in the future.

In America I purchased many religious books such as Thus spoke Zarathustra, Quran and so on. When I lived in my auto over two years in America I threw all these books to a garbage bin under one bridge of Miami in Sept 2001. Then later after few years when I had moved to Europe I received some religious books such as Koran from Iran and Saudi Arabia.

One book that I received from Iran was ‘Message’, it was about the history of Islam in that area, a very good book, unfortunately I lost this few years ago. It was in English and very well written.