I have no life

When I have money I move to Asia there women is better

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Stay where you are. You will find someone. Don’t lose hope

All the women in Lithuania just looks to rich dudes… rich guys from Italy comes here to take them

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Hah really? Yes, some women are vain. But not all

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Even my therapist said that

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They don’t look to dudes that work in a shop… becouse it’s not enough money to raise family… all emigrate to uk Ireland

I don’t know what you talking about I like Asian women they are sweeter

Becouse Lithuanian economy is very low… they just look for better place

I will move to Korea but I think I need Korean visa ? Damn it’s expensive to live the it’s my dream to live in Seoul…

Nobody wants to live in Lithuania people are unhappy here

I like busty Japanese women. In porn too


Lol I like the USA cuz we can pick from varieties of women easier.

Yeah USA is better. My sister lives in USA with her husband and kid…

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I’m sorry for my ugly post. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I wasn’t thinking when I said what I said. I’m so sorry :neutral_face:

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