I have no idea where my schizophrenia came from

Both my parents are healthy, and both of them are very smart and have excellent concentration.
I have no idea where my schizophrenia came from.


It’s not always genetic.

I think schizophrenia is a lump diagnosis for people who’s psychosis could be coming from a wiiiide variety of different sources. I can’t wait until we have more individualized medicine and can understand the source of each person’s different illness.


@Anna psychosis is NOT the worst feature schizophrenia.
The worst is impaired sleep, low levels of energy, cognitive impairment and concentration problems.
These are the worst IMO.

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Sorry I should have put psychotic disorder or something. I wasn’t referring to people w only positive symptoms.

I definitely think for now w sz negative and cognitive are the worst, but I think that’s only because we don’t have treatment for those things currently which is awful. But meds are in development right now for the first time that are supposed to treat these symptoms!! So that’s awesome!!


Sz CURE!! CURE is what we need.

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I feel my thoughts are my worst fear. I hope you are doing well.

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You, me, this entire forum and every schizophrenic on the planet don’t know either. The gods must be crazy.


I had a great aunt who’se schizophrenic. I didn’t know getting diagnosed and it would have helped tremendously. People hide shite in families and you just never here it especially the older generations who lived through war.

I have sz from my mothers side…I didn’t know that, and depression from Dads side. Just the way it is and although it can come to those who haven’t been susceptible you probably will find some hidden skeletons in most folks closets!

Families are strange!

In the case of no family history with SZ, I would guess that it resides with a recessive allele, so it can skip a few generations until two of those recessive genes pair up and, bam! some lucky soul is cursed.

My mother had something very close to SZ, and her father, too. My dad was adopted, and never investigated his own case. Too late now.

Did you abuse caffeine? I used to drink about a liter a day of diet coke. Sometimes I think it caused it. For about 15 years.

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