I have nice book

Its called how to thrive in changing times.by sandra ingerman. But i dont know how to work with it . It writes that you have to choose and use words carefully .thinking and alaud. How can i speak different . Do i like to use brilliant words more often.that i cannot say life sucks . I need to say life is beautiful and fun .to be like that. Also words are used like music. It wrotes that words creates tangible feeling in your body. And is like music…


Indeed life does not suck, but the earth does, Thank [insert your Gawd of choice here], because if the earth didn’t suck, we’d all fall off.

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So the gravity sucks us?

Gosh I hope so!
Either way it sounds like fun.

I need to change my thoughts its total garbage

I think i cannot be myself. Cannot be natural

Devil seduces me :sob:

I need to delete my thoughts and insert new ones. Write on a paper my destructive thoughts. Then do rites to release them. Burn the paper. But when i write it not seems true

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The devil sucks eggs right out of the hen. Don’t make a date with ol’ poo face diablo unless you like scraping chicken poop off yer shoe.

Oh, and don’t worry about answering the door if diablo’s there, he just reaches right in through the glass and knocks on your desk.

Ignore him if you must, but always swipe a complimentary chicken for a tasty soup dinner.

Never mind the sky’s on fire, once you exit your door, time jumps back 8 hours before.

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I looked up that book and it looks nice. I will try to read it.

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Sounds like an interesting book @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro

I got a new book today, it’s about sexuality. It has exercises in it and stuff. Pretty cool.

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