I have my complaints about this illness

But at the end of the day I have to feel lucky for being born in a country that helps the disabled. I couldn’t imagine having schizophrenia in Africa


I think there should be some fund for sz.

Sz in africa does sound like it could end in premature death but you might also be the villages shaman or something too. Being your villagers spiritual guide might not be that bad…so would it be worse if everyone around you saw you as magical or if everyone around you saw you as just crazy but they give you meds…?

like africa…
its terrible here in Nepal too.
btw are u from the uk.???@cactustomato

I have complaints, too. This illness has cost me enough over the years that it should have at least come with cup holders. I mean, seriously.

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I have my complaints about living with this disease too.
The hours are bad, it doesn’t pay enough, and I don’t get holidays off.

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And air conditioning and power steering.

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I suppose it’s good it didn’t come with ‘buy one get one free’. That wouldn’t have ended well.

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