I have made a Decision

I do not want to put myself to work for large companies where the directors flaunt their gains and talk big

My life by design needs to be more simplistic

The direction may seem like going in reverse gear, but I am going to start up landscaping again and work for myself.

A old friend from a previous company will be working with me, and we’re going to share jobs and profit between us

I am hoping that with quoting halved, admin halved and work halved, we can still make our way and earn enough to live…

All these prescribed wishes of wanting a big house, fancy car and material gains is beyond me. I do not buy into it at all.

With my issues, things need to be simpler, and being out in the fresh air building will give me a decent quality of life and keep me fit.

Riding a desk has not worked well for me, and I recognise the signs that I am better off building and creating

I don’t like big organisations. Too many egos and people out there to put your name in the mud just to get ahead.

The rat race can get bent!


Good luck @Joker


That sound like a great plan. Best of luck in making your vision happen!


Best of luck joker. You will find a way


This sounds like a good decision, and I hope it works out well for you.


You sure sounded better when you were landscaping, to be honest. You were also much happier with your physical health because of how much more exercise you got. In any case, I think this is a good decision for right now. It doesn’t have to be a forever decision, just that thing that you need at this place on your journey.

Cheering for you as always.

[ bites @Joker’s well-manscaped ankle ]



I’m glad you found something that you’re good at and feel confident about


Hope things work out well for you @Joker. Sounds like you’re back on track.

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Sounds great!
Best of luck!


Hey matey. Hope it goes well for you and I think it’s good your going into a partnership where you hopefully can ease those stressors of being the boss. Good luck.


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