I have literally eaten cigarette tobacco in my life

So basically I was in a hospital a year ago, smoking breaks were strict and I somehow managed to steal a cigarette from overseer, I unwrapped a cigarette and ate it with another patient. It was a weird experience, but when digested I felt much more satisfied with nicotine high that smoking :smiley:


Did you throw up?

No, I gut felt weird because I ate it on empty stomach, but it really gave me different kind of relaxation.

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That doesn’t sound right. Tobacco and nicotine triggers vomiting.

Well it’s poison, I know it, but in pretty much immune to it. Once I smoked 12 cigarettes put of stress. When I started smoking I threw up badly and had horrible nausea. The bright side I don’t usually get tick bites, worms. Even mosquitoes don’t really want me. Nicotine is a quite good repellent.

So is being a vegetarian. Ive had maybe 2 mosquito bites sing becomming vegetarian 7 years ago.

I used to live in a countryside, so mosquito sworms were massive, so If I wanted to go deep into a forest I used to take with me one of the nastiest cigars :smiley:

I visited Mr Star’s family out in the countryside a few years back. The mosquitos were so bad there were literally dark clouds of them. But still I didn’t get bit.

I’m more immune to bee and hornet poison, I once got around 8 bee stings and I was alright. Hornet once jabbed me 9 times in my leg. I think it is in my genes, because my grandfather was beekeeper.

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Dang. I am deathly allergic. But, luckily, I haven’t been stung since I was 4.

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My mom and uncle are really allergic. My uncle almost died from a hornet jabbing, luckily local medical member saved him

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In the Summer of 1975, I was in the State Hospital.

I ate four cigaretts in one sitting. I didn’t nortice any thing cognitively or emotionally, but my tongue turned black.

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I tried dog food in high school.


Same here, it actually tastes alright. I bond with my dog sometimes to eat what he’s eating, sometimes faking it sometimes I’m really into it lol


When I was in psych ward someone ran off with a pack of cigarettes and ate the box including the cigarettes.

I ate at a hospital napkins that I “prescribed” certain medication to experiment with placebo effect

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